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As a trusted partner, Edogijuku provides the highest quality, most personal and flexible MBA, Graduate School, and Career Counseling service.
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Services & Prices

Services Description






With Tax


First meeting

60 min

4630 yen

5000 yen

Only one time and not offered in peak season

Seminars Discussions


9260 yen

10,000 yen

½ price for package members

13,889 yen

15,000 yen

In peak season

One to one Counseling

60 min

26,000 yen

28,080 yen

Standard rate

Mar. 16-Sept 30

60 min

28,000 yen

30,240 yen

In first round

Oct.1-Nov 30

60 min

33,000 yen

35,640 yen

In peak season

Dec. 1-Mar 15

Standard Package

10 hours

250,000 yen

270,000 yen

*1/2 price for seminars & discussions

Gold Package

20 hours

490,000 yen

529,200 yen

*See above

Platinum Package

30 hours

720,000 yen

777,600 yen

*See above

Premium Package

40 hours

920,000 yen

1,015,200 yen

*See above

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Edogijuku offers flexible services and pricing customized to each client.
Like the airlines, prices rise during the peak season.
Take advantage of the flexibility!

DESCRIPTION: Free Tools are absolutely free and are designed to help you overcome the very tough stage at the start by getting excellent free advice. Free Tools improve the quality of your work and help you learn about the quality of the Edogijuku Counseling Service.

DESCRIPTION: 90 minute to 120 minute group events, discussions and workshops are designed to cover topics of common interest: school information, school selection, essay question topics, letters of recommendations, etc.

Dynamic and interactive events help participants see, understand, and produce the quality necessary for target schools. Also more and more schools are having video essays and discussion based interviews and these discussions and workshops help applicants prepare to succeed.

Priced at affordable group rates, events leverage the power of the group and to be stimulating, fun, and effective. Also events help expand participants' networks and improve skills for essays & interviews.

5,000-15,000 yen
(1/2 price for package members)

DESCRIPTION: Private counseling includes EMAIL (SKYPE) and FACE-TO-FACE meetings. Private counseling is intense and personal and is designed to help provide the most intimate and customized service.

EMAIL (SKYPE) counseling is charged at an hourly rate, but is very efficient. Attach a file, explain your request in the email, and get a response within 72 hours guaranteed (usually less than 24 hours). One A4 page, about 500 words, usually takes about 15-20 minutes to review and a single essay usually takes at least 4 edits. Email counseling is designed to help clients with busy schedules work quickly and location free to get the best results.

Easy to arrange anywhere, any time by email or skype.
Fast replies improve time management, raises quality, and speeds up process.

FACE-TO-FACE counseling is charged at an hourly rate (please see below), and can be arranged flexibly before work, after work, on weekends, and even holidays. Counseling can be arranged usually 24 hours in advance. Please note that it is better to arrange meetings near the application deadlines well in advance. Clients can also arrange the length of the meeting (60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes, etc.) and the frequency (once a week, twice a week, etc.) of the meeting depending on individual needs.

Intense, high quality, intimate and customized counseling.
Easy to arrange at flexible and convenient times that suit clients needs and schedules.

Pricing Schedule
28,080 yen/hour Mar 16th-Sep 30th
30,240 yen/hour Oct 1st-Nov 30th
35,640 yen/hour Dec. 1st-Mar 15th

Package discounts for 10, 20, 30, 40 hours paid in advance. Please inquire if interested.

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Counseling covers many topics:

Career Advice
Strategic Planning
Advice for GMAT(r),TOEFL(r), GPA
Writing Advice for Resumes, Application Forms, & Essays
Advice for Recommendation letters
Correspondence with schools
Interview training
Presentations and Negotiations training

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